iLoveBarPizza is a branch of BarPizzaBarPizza.com created by John Menton.  

BarPizzaBarPizza started in Early 2020 back when everyone was confined to their houses during the beginning of the pandemic.  

Since most restaurants were closed, a lot of people began making their own bar pizza at home.  I had gotten so many requests for my bar pizza recipe, it was easier to just post it on a webpage.  So BarPizzaBarPizza.com was born.  It became a place to share recipes, find up to date takeout menus, and map out all bar pizza locations across the U.S on the interactive google map.

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The website quickly gained the attention of local and regional newspapers, and was commonly shared on the South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club Facebook group. The BarPizzaBarPizza.com recipe has since become the official "go to" recipe and step by step guide for all home Bar Pizza chefs.  

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In an effort to best use the websites popularity and help those on the South Shore and surrounding communities, I created iLoveBarPizza.com. A place for all bar pizza lovers to show share their passion through shirts, hoodies, aprons, bags, hats and more.   Part of every sale made on iLoveBarPizza.com is automaticaly donated to The Greg Hill Foundation using software provided by Shopify.  You can learn more about what they do and their mission HERE.